Hosted Business Services

Hosted Microsoft Exchange 2013

Sell the world’s most popular email solution including unlimited mailbox size, shared calendars and contacts, resource mailboxes, task lists and more, with a 30-day trial and optional Outlook or Entourage for each user. Get Started!

Microsoft Lync

Further enhance communication and productivity with the integration of Microsoft Lync, providing real-time collaboration via voice, video, instant message, application sharing or conferencing in one easy-to-use interface. Get Started!

Hosted Mobility Services

Your mobile customers can stay connected to their email, calendars, contacts, and more while on the go from their iPhone, Android, Windows Phone, BlackBerry or other popular smartphones. Get Started!

Email Archiving

Offer your customers a hosted archiving service that will help them solve their data storage, e-discovery and regulatory compliance needs. Our solution can be purchased as a single, standalone service to help you acquire new customers who want to stay with their existing email infrastructure ― whether on-premise or online ― but still benefit from email archiving. You can also bundle archiving with our hosted Exchange email service and increase your average revenue per user. Get Started!

Cloud Server

Cloud Server provides the ability to build ready-to-use virtual servers in minutes with just a push of a button. There are three predefined configurations that include different quantities of CPU, RAM and storage; however, if your clients need something more customized, they can build their own made-to-order servers as well. Customers may increase or decrease the quantities of virtual RAM, CPU and storage for each server at any time with no change fee. Get Started!

Email Protection and Email Continuity

Increase your customers’ productivity with our Email Protection service which blocks 99% of spam, viruses, works and other threats. And, our Email Continuity solution will help your customers stay connected even in the event of network failure or natural disaster. Get Started!

Hosted SharePoint Foundation

Give your clients the opportunity to share files and manage documents and images in a secure, scalable, enterprise-level portal environment. Get Started!

Server Backup and Recovery

Server Backup and Recovery helps you protect the data on your clients’ servers with a cloud-based solution. Server Backup and Recovery provides 1TB of storage space per server for a low monthly fee that can be pooled across multiple servers. And data security is covered: backup data is encrypted and monitored in transit to the private groupSPARK datacenter. Get Started!

Online Desktop Backup

Protect your customers’ critical electronic data with our powerful, cloud-based online backup service. It automatically backs up users’ desktop or laptop files as they go about their normal day. Get Started!

Email Encryption

Help your customers protect their confidential data from loss, identity theft and regulatory violations with our policy-based hosted encryption service that is highly secure and easy to use. Get Started!